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Soulful South Asian Women

Navigating Cultures, Empowering Souls

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I didn’t get all A’s in school. I didn’t marry an Indian man. Coding and medicine? Not my thing. And my Indian cooking skills? Let’s just say they’re “creative.” I don’t know all my Indian customs or holidays, and I’m not well-versed in South Asian societal expectations

But I am a fabulous Swati.

I use my voice to speak my truth and desires. I feel my emotions, even the messy ones. I know my well-being serves everyone around me, so I no longer sacrifice my happiness and peace for my family. I reject the  belief that one must stay in a dysfunctional or deeply unhappy marriage to maintain social status. I alone define my value and worth. I embrace the power of being true to myself while still showing unconditional love for my family. 

I’m passionate about celebrating the beauty of not being “good” with my Asian sisters and embrace the power of being your authentic Self

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I support women to reveal and reweave their cultural,social, and familial conditioning…. so they feel empowered to live the life they truly desire


Creating Your Own Cultural Blend: Balancing the strong cultural expectations from South Asian heritage with the liberal values of Western society can be overwhelming, leading to identity conflicts and social acceptance challenges. I provide compassionate support to help you navigate these pressures, harmonizing your traditions and aspirations into a unique cultural blend that truly represents you.


Navigating Cultural Expectations: As daughters, societal pressures often dictated obedience, creating conflicts when pursuing personal or career aspirations. Deviating from the prescribed path can lead to discord. Together, we navigate these expectations with confidence, empowering you to use your voice and hold your boundaries in all areas of your life.

​​Healing Cultural Guilt: Well-meaning comments and societal norms can induce guilt for not conforming to cultural expectations. Let's heal these wounds and cultivate self-acceptance, freeing you to embrace your identity and choices without guilt or hesitation.


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I Do My Work So I Can Hold Space For You to Do Yours

Express and Hold Boundaries

Activate your Inner Healer by Learning Energy Tools

Practice Sacred Selfishness

Embrace Emotions As Valuable Messengers


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About Me

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Have you ever been caught in the intricate web of societal expectations and familial obligations, feeling the strain on your body and soul as you suppress your true desires?


I've walked that path, suffocating under the weight of abandoning myself for others, disrespecting my own needs to maintain harmony. For years, I battled this internal dis-ease until the call of my authentic Self became too loud to ignore. Through reading, seeking guidance, and immersing myself in various teachings, I amassed knowledge and wisdom.

I learned to listen to my soul's voice, honor my boundaries, and nurture my wounded inner child. I embraced my emotions as messengers and took aligned actions towards my North Star, one step at a time.

Most importantly, I reclaimed the lost art of sacred selfishness—prioritizing my own well-being and self-love. It's radical, brave, liberating, and fills me with joy.

This evolved version of me… embodies greater compassion, empathy, and reverence for each person's sacred journey. While I wouldn't wish the pain of my past on anyone, I honor my choice to never give up on my own love, for Love never gave up on me.

I'm here to ignite women, helping them unravel and rewrite their conditioning so they can live authentically. As a certified energy healer and Wayfinder life coach, I've assisted women in breaking free from ancestral and personal limitations, releasing physical and emotional pain, and overcoming business barriers, among other transformations.

I rewove my own life, following my heart's desires, and now thrive, love, and create in Maui, Hawaii.

Kind Words

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Crystal B'
Energy Healer

Swati is the embodiment of the divine feminine. Being in session with her is like getting a warm hug from the great mother. Her presence is like a nourishing balm for your soul.

She has walked through the fires as a mother and as a powerful woman and has transmuted even the toughest situations into beautiful expansive healing moments her life. Her living wisdom is a transmission for all who are lucky enough to receive it

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Creative Artist

Working with Swati during one of the most turbulent, transformative, and spiritually awakened times of my life, felt like being guided through a minefield of life's challenges by a beacon of light. Swati created a safe space where I could release all of life's chaos, confusion, grief, and anger. She sat with me and listened, sharing her profound wisdom from her own journeys into the underworld, connecting with the divine, and embracing me with her loving support.


This journey has left me profoundly inspired, and I am immensely grateful for the wisdom of a true medicine woman who is helping guide me back to my truest and highest self. I could never have imagined encountering such profound pain intertwined with extraordinary magic. Swati, you are truly a gift of magic to the world and I'm deeply thankful for our journey together

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Celebrate Your Uniqueness

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