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Unleash Your Inner Light


Hi, I'm Swati -- I support women to reveal and reweave their cultural, social, and familial conditioning so they feel empowered to live the life they truly desire.


​​​​Is your body reacting with increased anxiety due to an overloaded nervous system?

Feeling emotionally exhausted from caretaking?

Are you angry at yourself for “putting up with it”?

Are you tired of holding onto resentment, anger and shame and allowing it to limit you from creating the future you desire?

Have you spent too many years immersed in patterns of expectations and "shoulds"... instead of your true desires?
Wife, partner, mom, fixer, rescuer... 
These may be just some of the roles you fill.

But your essential self...your Light... is still there...underneath all that!


Intuitive Insights
School of Intuition
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A Holistic Space in Which to...

Liberate Your Soul Expression to Create A Life that Ignites You

Activate your Inner Healer by Learning Energy Tools

Embody your Light to Feel Unstoppable and Full of Confidence

Clarify & Manifest Your Dreams


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About Me

Image by Saksham Gangwar

I Am a Wayfinder & Energy Weaver


In ancient cultures, Wayfinders were valued members of their community in the roles of teachers, healers, and guides. They used a combination of wisdom and tools from nature to the cosmos, from biology to psychology, to access their own inner compass and help others do the same. Wayfinders know to live happily and prosperly is to trust their true nature and follow their own unique north star. Living authentically, rather than fitting into social norms, is part of the purpose of a Wayfinder’s journey. Sharing this wisdom with others, is another important part.


As a certified Wayfinder life-coach and energy healer,  I have helped hundreds of people liberate themselves from ancestral and personal limiting beliefs and patterns, energy blocks that cause physical and emotional pain, career blocks and much more.


My synergistic combination of modern coaching tools, energy healings, mediumship, inner child work, and channeled wisdom enable people who are committed to a radical shift in their lives achieve joy filled, accelerated results.


As a result of ReWeaving my own life & following my heart's desire... I now thrive, create, and play in Maui, Hawaii. 

Kind Words

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

Actress / Reiki Master

I wanted to let you know how pivotal our sessions have been - especially the one on my career space.

On Friday I booked a great job!... The list we compiled really helped me clarify what I wanted, say no to what I don’t want and shifted my mindset about what was possible. 

I cannot thank you enough for your time, generosity and care, it has been such a blessing. 

Image by Ilze Lucero

Marketing Executive

Swati is one of the most authentic people you will ever meet... or work with. After just one session with her and getting clear on my career path, I got a message out of the blue about a job I hadn't applied for, followed by an offer letter a week later! (and this was after a YEAR of looking!)


But her magic aside, Swati is the one to go to whenever you know you need to get back on the right path. Her patience and kindness, coupled with genuine caring, are sometimes all that's needed to get you grounded again. But add her special brand of (serious) magic on top of that... and she's a total intuitive coaching powerhouse.

Image by Jeff W

You CAN Find YourSELF Again

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