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Navigating the Turbulence of Caregiving

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, constantly juggling multiple roles and responsibilities?

  • Do you feel lonely and misunderstood - even in the company of your loved ones?

  • Are feelings of anger and resentment coming up - even towards yourself - and you don’t know how to express them without blowing up?

  • Do you yearn for a supportive community of like-minded women who understand your journey and can provide guidance and encouragement?

We are not meant to journey alone.
When women gather in circle, we transform ourselves and each other.
A Synergistic Combination of Modern Coaching Tools, Mystical Healings, and Wayfinding Wisdom

This is YOUR sacred container of self-nourishment and love. Express your feelings, share your true desires, hurl profanities about your partner (or kids)... there is no judgement here! There is wisdom and inspiration in the sharing of your journey. Regardless of the level of turbulence you have experienced…you hold medicine for yourself and for others. 

A Brave Space to Express Yourself.

Embrace Your True Self

Underneath all the social, cultural, and familial expectations is the True You. She may be a mother…but she also has a voice, needs and desires of her own.  What are some of your desires? How would you feel if you achieved it? What are those sensations in your body? Do you see yourself living it? What are some small turtle steps you can take towards it? Answering these questions are some of the keys to manifesting.

Intuitive Healings

Your thoughts, feelings and actions all emit an energetic vibration. Lower vibrational energy can clog up your energy body and then create “roadblocks” that manifest as pain or dis-ease. Your “stuck” energy has a message for you. Together, we will decipher and then alchemize this energy in a way that is best for you!

Energy Empowerment Tools

You are all able to learn tools for self-healing….it just takes the knowledge and  practice. You will gain better knowledge about your chakras, your energetic body, how to clear your own energy field, shield yourself...and many other simple and effective tools. We have our own stuff to process and don’t need others “energetic weight” added to ours!!!

Come Join Us

Image by A Fox

Empowered Matriarch  Circles

“The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong.” ~ SARK


It's time to  empower ourselves as sovereign leaders in our own lives. To be part of a sisterhood that empowers each other.  This is Feminine Rising. This is the Empowered Matriarch.


Our Circles are where we support and rejoice with each other, collaborate and co-create together, learn to re-trust each other and ourselves….this is how we reclaim our power. This is how we change our world. 


This is an intentional space for transformation. You will be supported emotionally, spiritually and energetically.  You will be loved, accepted and celebrated as matter how you show all of your "messiness" or your glory.  You hold sacred medicine for us all no matter your journey.



"Swati is the embodiment of the divine feminine. Being in session with her is like getting a warm hug from the great mother. Her presence is like a nourishing balm for your soul.

She has walked through the fires as a mother and as a powerful woman and has transmuted even the toughest situations into beautiful expansive healing moments her life. Her living wisdom is a transmission for all who are lucky enough to receive it."

- Crystal B

Empowered Matriarch Virtual Circles


Intimate Gathering of 6 Women

Twice a Month

Starting on Friday July 7th

12:00 pm- 1:30 pm PST

Empowered Matriarch Live Circles

Coming soon to South Maui in July 2023

Image by Yuriy MLCN



A 4-Session Program That Accelerates the Embodiment of the Empowered Matriarch

  • Calibrate your Body Compass…so you can listen and feel your truth. Your body does not lie to you!

  • Release Painful Programming…and start to live a life that is designed by YOU instead of one that culture, society or family deems "right".

  • Reweave  your Limited Thoughts… by learning tools to release depleting thoughts and replacing them with  thoughts that empower you.

  • Activate your Creatrix Power ... and learn how to successfully manifest your authentic desires

Our Journeys are an intimate group of  only 6 Matriarchs. This ensures that all are seen, heard, nurtured and supported as desired.

Empowering Journey

Virtual Program

(4 Sessions via Zoom) 

Starting Summer 2023


Empowering Journey

In-Person Sessions

Coming Soon to South Maui


About Me

I was born in India and raised in the US. I have been married over 20 years and we have done our best to grow and evolve during our own joyful and turbulent journey of raising our son and daughter and lots of animals!

I am a Certified Coach from Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach training and a Certified Healer from Kairos Healers Academy. I also have over 25 years experience as a digital program manager and course creation manager for thought leaders in the wellness industry such as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Shefali Tsabari.


My passion is in igniting women to reveal and reweave their cultural, social, and familial conditioning so they feel empowered to live the life they truly desire. My synergistic combination of modern coaching tools, energy healings, mediumship, inner child work, and channeled wisdom, enable people who are committed to a radical shift in their lives achieve joy filled, accelerated results.


I have helped women liberate themselves from ancestral and personal limiting beliefs and patterns, energy blocks that cause physical and emotional pain, business blocks and much more.

I now live, love, and play in Maui.

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