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A Synergistic Combination of Modern Coaching Tools, Mystical Healings and Wayfinding Wisdom

Our Relationship

You Are Not Alone

Sometimes we can feel very alone in our pain or simply feel stuck in thoughts and patterns we don’t know how to break… I know I did for many years. I was blessed to be supported by loving guides and healers. And as I healed I then chose to support it forward. I chose to invest my time and finances to acquire even greater wisdom, education, and tools as a life coach and expand my intuitive skills….. so I can better support you my friend. 

A Brave Space to Express YourSelf

This is YOUR sacred container of self-nourishment and love. I will hold a non-judgemental space for you as you bravely express your vulnerability, share your true desires, hurl profanities about your partner (or kids), or want a nurturing place to just cry and physically release emotions. All feelings are valid and honored.


 Love & Embody your Shadow Selves

You will be heard and seen… all aspects of you… all identities…. all stages of your wounded, scared inner child….. even the ones that are feeling shame or rage – will be loved and accepted and safe in our sacred space. In doing so, you will start to  heal the fragmented pieces of yourself and feel more embodied and therefore more empowered in your life.


Reveal and Release your True Self

Underneath all the social, cultural, and familial expectations is the True You. I will listen deeply with loving curiosity to the words you express and your body’s language (tone of voice, gestures, etc.)…. that reveal what the social self is saying vs. what your Essential Self wants to be heard. And together, we will discern the difference in a safe space for expressing authentically without any fear of rejection. Your True Self will guide you to your North Star…and to your innate joy and abundance that is your birthright.


Life Tools to Better Support YourSelf

I will share wisdom and tools that can be integrated  into your daily life.  Tools such as calibrating your Body Compass so you can listen and feel your body speaking your truth to you (our body never lies to us… we are just trained to ignore its vital messages), or the drama triangle and how we each play its various roles and how to empower ourselves off of it.

Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs

Did you know that emotion( E-motion) is basically energy in motion?  

“It takes 90 seconds for the chemistry of an emotion to run through us and flush completely out of our bloodstream “

– Jill Bolte Taylor PhD, Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist

So, if we keep re-thinking the thought that leads to that emotion – our body keeps reliving it over and over again (in other words, we trigger ourselves)!!! Which is good to know of course, since then we have the power to then stop it.

We all have so many thoughts that create stress, pain, and limitations. The same repetitive thought(s) create pathways in our brain that become a frequently travelled road leading to the same ol’ unwanted feelings and actions.  We will take a closer look at these limiting thoughts using tools like “The Work” to see if it’s helping or hurting you – in short… are you getting the outcome you want? 

Manifesting your Dreams

Do you have a dream or goal you would love to achieve? How would you feel if you achieved it? What are those sensations in your body? Do you see yourself living it? What are some small turtle steps you can take towards it? Answering these questions are some of the keys to manifesting. Let's “Dream and Scheme” together and I will happily be your personal cheerleader (pom poms are fun)!

Energy & Healing

What are you Carrying Energetically? 

Everything is made of energy and this includes your body. Your thoughts, feelings and actions all emit an energetic vibration… that range from high and light to low and heavy.  Love and joy emit higher vibrations and hatred and resentment, lower ones.  All feelings are valid… we just don’t want to keep holding onto the ones that weigh us down. Those take a heavy toll on our energy and therefore our physical body.  Would you want to continuously carry a 10 pound weight for years on end (or 15, 20 or 100)?

Release What No Longer Serves You

  Lower vibrational energy can clog up your chakras and meridians (energy freeways) in your body and create “roadblocks” that manifest as pain, fatigue, dis-ease and a multitude of other unpleasantries.  Energy healings can help dissipate these energy blocks and heal both physical and emotional issues. Oftentimes, the “stuck” energy and physical pain have a message for you that your intuition will decipher for you – allowing your own unique Divine energy to flow more seamlessly throughout your physical body.


Energy Empowerment Tools

We are all able to learn tools for self-healing….it just takes the knowledge and  practice. If interested, gain better knowledge about your chakras, your energetic body, how to clear your own energy field and return others energy back to them, shield yourself so you don’t absorb others energy…..and many other simple and effective tools. We have our own stuff to process and don’t need others “energetic weight” added to ours!!!

As a trained energy healer and intuitive in multiple modalities (Pranic, Clairvoyance, Reiki, etc.),

I will incorporate energy healings with your permission.

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