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Project Alchemist

Weave Your Vision Into Reality

Does the burden of your project feel heavy, hindering your creativity?

Wish you had a trusted ally who could understand your vision, guide you through strategic decision-making, and help you overcome the challenges that hold you back from achieving your goals?

Are you in search of someone who deeply understands the personal growth and wellness market and possesses a wealth of expertise in designing and managing a multitude of successful programs?

Imagine having a reliable mentor who not only possesses deep knowledge of project execution but also empowers you to flourish in every aspect of your life.

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Discover the Powerful Fusion of Expert Project Management Skills, Empowerment Coaching, and Energy Support

Gain a crystal-clear vision for your projects and your life. We will define your goals, uncover your passions, and align your projects with your broader aspirations.

Together, we'll break down your ambitions into actionable steps, creating a roadmap for success. I will gently hold you accountable, empowering you to make consistent progress.

Enhanced Clarity & Goal Alignment

Empower Your Communication: 

Elevate your communication skills to confidently articulate your ideas, engage clients, and cultivate gratifying relationships.


Through our collaborative efforts, we will work together to ensure that your message is conveyed with clarity, assurance, and precision.

Release Obstacles and Limiting Beliefs

Liberate yourself from self-imposed restrictions and detrimental patterns that hinder your progress. We will identify and release energetic obstacles, unlocking your untapped potential and enabling you to attain remarkable outcomes.

Intuitive Guidance and Decision-Making

Develop and trust your intuition as a valuable tool for decision-making throughout the project journey. Through coaching & energy healing techniques, we will enhance your intuitive abilities, empowering you to make aligned choices and navigate complex situations with clarity and confidence.

Ready to Implement Your Vision?

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The Support I Offer:

  • Figure out who your ideal clients are and how to speak to them

  • Course development strategy and planning

  • Collaboration in content creation

  • Ensure content is aligned with your unique voice and brand

  • Identify  ideal course platform for your needs (from powerpoint to Kajabi) 

  • Customize platform for your brand (colors, font, etc)

  • Implement content into chosen platform ​

  • Task lists for various stages of project/course creation (from conception to social media promotion)

  • Create and manage project plan (task list and timelines)

  • Gently encourage accountability towards desired goal

  • QA all digital assets, content and emails

  • Guidance on presentation skills

  • Copy and editing services

  • Identify key content themes for Social Media posting strategy

  • Recommend and/or manage remote team of writers, graphic designers, and web developers​

Spiritual Project Alchemist

$70/hr or Project Basis

I had the pleasure of working with Swati and I must say, she was truly amazing. She was patient with my uncertainties and lack of expertise in design and was always supportive and gentle in her approach.


Swati kept me motivated without putting any pressure on me, and we worked together seamlessly. Even when my workshop changed direction numerously, she never once showed any annoyance and continued to support me in the right direction.


Swati helped me find my unique style and encouraged me to break away from the social norms. I am truly grateful for her support and guidance.

-Terri D, ICF Coach, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coach

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About Me

With over 25 years of experience as a digital program manager and course creation manager, I have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed thought leaders in the wellness industry, including luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Shefali Tsabari.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a track record of excellence, developing efficient operational processes, overseeing a diverse range of high-profile projects, and launching and managing digital e-learning platforms and programs. These accomplishments have allowed me to forge strong and lasting customer relationships within the personal growth and wellness sector.

Among my achievements, I take pride in my contribution to the development, launch, and management of two highly successful e-learning platforms and the creation of 17 impactful programs. These endeavors have resulted in substantial revenue growth, exceeding $10 million.

Moreover, my passion for innovation led me to conceptualize, curate content for, and oversee the development of two new app product lines. One of these ventures was a meditation app specifically designed for tweens, a project close to my heart.

In addition to my extensive experience, I am a Certified Coach from Martha Beck's Wayfinder Life Coach training program, equipping me with valuable coaching skills. Furthermore, I am a Certified Healer from the Kairos Healers Academy, complementing my expertise with a profound understanding of holistic healing practices.

I am thrilled to bring my unique blend of expertise in program management, course creation, coaching, and healing to empower individuals and organizations on their journey towards personal & professional growth and transformation.


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