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My Journey

About me

  • I was born in India and raised in the US. I have been married over 20 years (to a very tall American/Lithuanian) and we are doing our very best to grow together, raise 2 young adults and 2 dogs!

  • My professional journey has been defined by a decade of dedicated work in launching and overseeing digital e-learning platforms and programs within the personal growth industry. Throughout this enriching experience, I've had the privilege of collaborating with renowned thought leaders like Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, Eckhart Tolle, and more. What I cherish most about this journey is the opportunity to connect with the individuals beyond their celebrity personas, and the satisfaction of contributing to programs that have positively impacted thousands by fostering joy and personal growth.

  • I created a kids meditation app for Chopra called My Light Shines Bright….it is a product of love that I am proud to have birthed (and unlike my kids–this baby doesn’t talk back to me)

  • My creative mystical Self  has certifications in multiple energy healing modalities such as pranic healing and psychic tools. 

  • My body LOVES warm, balmy, tropical weather and is “allergic” to the cold. Come walk with me on the beaches and in the tropical forests of Hawaii.


I'm a tree hugger, animal/book/ and dresses-with-pockets lover,
camping & exercise disliker
& yoga/meditation practitioner

  • I talk to plants, hug trees, talk to all animals and bugs…no matter the number of legs….they are ALL living beings that deserve safety and kindness.  However much as I love Mama Gaia…. I hate to camp. What can I say…. I like human bathrooms and comfy beds.

  • I don’t like to exercise and will definitely lie about the number of reps I just did so I can be done faster. Yoga in my yard and dancing around my kitchen is how I like to move the energy in my body.

  • I wear or carry crystals in my pocket and my “non-believing, mommy is a witch” kids often steal them from me.

  • What's on my frequently played list on spotify? I love 90s hip-hip and R&B, Coldplay, Trevor Hall, Michale Franti, Xavier Rudd, and Hawaiian Reggae. The music of Lauren Diagle and Ajeet Kaur nourishes my soul as well.

  • Reading is a main source of relaxation for me. Historical fiction, mystical stories, and personal growth are my faves. Check out the “Discovery of Witches” series... it's my  absolute favorite that I can read over and over again.

  • I love dresses with pockets & Anthropologie is my favorite store.



Going into the Darkness

  • In the past 5 years I found myself in an emotionally difficult journey. My cherished family life, my valued identities of mother and wife, even my dream home... were all thrown into the sacred fire of change and burned.

  • Who and what was going to rise from those ashes?  How could Swati be worthy and valued when the ones she loved told her otherwise and criticized every single aspect of herself? Did she want to continue to sacrifice her Self in order to belong...and belong to whom? What aspects of herself did she want to leave behind and what did she want to alchemize into an self-loving, self-cherished, and self-respectful being?

  •  I needed a "guide" to help me navigate this unexpected and very scary terrain of what my life had become......and also the shame and grief due to these changes.  I found aspects of the support I needed in various therapists, friends, family, books, and online courses. All of these were stepping stones in my progress, but I still felt "stuck" and deeply unhappy. 

  • I didn’t want to continue venting to my friends & family.  As an empath I didn’t want to transmit my energy of anger and sadness nor receive the energy of worry.

Guides Along the Way

  • It took multiple guides in the form of a Coach and Shaman to provide the support I needed.  

  • It was this synergistic combination of energy work AND coaching support that provided greater emotional, mental and then physical breakthroughs. It's the combo of cleaning out the energy channels and learning how to stop putting gunk (repetitive negative thoughts, unhealthy patterns etc) in the channels that clog it up!  

  • I had not realized my deep need for a safe space to face my core fears and to love them enough so they didn't run the show yet were acknowledged as they deserved.

  •  Once I finally found that safe space, I could start digging deeper and become more aware of the thoughts and patterns that were contributing to my lack of progress and keeping me "stuck" on a treadmill of pain.​

My Alchemy

  • I learned how to my listen to my soul’s voice, express and hold my boundaries, soothe my internal wounded child (and the wounded mother and woman)  when she gets fearful, honor all of my emotions as the beloved messengers they are, take actions from a place of integrity and continuously follow the path, one turtle step at a time, towards my North Star.

  • Most importantly--I am now practicing the lost art of being “sacredly selfish”--I  love myself the most and put my well being first. Try it--its radical, brave, liberating and sparks a lot of joy.

  • Swati 2.0 has much more compassion, empathy, and respect for each person’s sacred ascension timeline. I would not wish the pain, grief and loss of my journey on anyone... yet I honor my Self for making the choice, over and over again, to never give up on my own love. For Love never gave up on me.

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